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Please click on the icon to the right of each video. Note: quicktime is required.  
Reciprocating motion of the Endo-Express Videoicon
SafeSiders ability to tell the shape of the canal. Videoicon
Illustration showing the use of the Pleezer to straight the coronal curve Videoicon
This is a video that demonstrates one effective way to gain access to the pulp chamber and then find the orifices of the canals.. In the process of opening pulp chambers, we may encounter wide open pulp chambers, severely calcified ones, some with large pulp stones and others with aberrant anatomy. We have to be prepared for these situations and have a strategy that is both safe and effective. Videoicon



Video showing how to mix and place EZ-Fill Cement Videoicon
Video of the bi-directional spiral whipping EZ-Fill sealer laterally. Videoicon
EZ-Fill cement demonstration in a plastic block. Videoicon
Video demonstrating the setting properties of EZ-Fill cement in water. Videoicon
Shrinkage of thermoplastic gutta percha Videoicon
Wrapping cotton- a technique for drying canals Videoicon
Flexi-Flange post placement Videoicon
Legs of the Flexi-Flange collapsing during insertion Videoicon
Flexi-Flange Fiber post placement videoicon

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