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The information you find here cannot be found on any other website.

How would you like a learning site that could give you entirely logical reasons why an alternative endodontic system will work far more safely for you, far more efficiently and far less expensively than what the major endodontic companies are presently marketing to you? You probably would like it, but the natural question would be that this site is merely selling something they are marketing and would be no more valid than any other commercial site. Since no one can claim a monopoly on ethics and honesty that is a reasonable response except for the fact that this site will allow a full discussion of all systems by those who are their strongest advocates. What we will not allow is personal criticism and discussions where we don’t know the identity of those making their remarks. In short, this will be a forum where those you get information from and those who ask questions will not have anonymity, something that we saw as a personal failure on other forums.

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